John Swanger

About my work

Generally I focus on processes (like – air movement, crumpling, walking, re-covering, layering pigment) to explore aspects of time, memory, place and ritual. Materials and the intangible are both important. Over the years I’ve been informed by heightened perceptual experiences, zen meditation practice and training, and absorbing a wide range of works and practices.

Different series explore qualities and meanings of materials and physical actions. The starting point is often a passing moment, something overlooked or taken from the periphery. I look for things that link the commonplace and the poetic. Or things that shake us out of ordinary awareness.

I’m drawn to forms of naturally occurring structures and moments, the interplay of stillness and energy, pre-existing conditions and invention – and the possibilities for changing our minds.

Selected collections

Mark Ashby, Austin
Wendy and Bob Brandow, Los Angeles
James Bryant and Greg Easley, Austin
Blake Byrne, Los Angeles
The Capital Group, Los Angeles
Peter Egan, Lancaster
Robert Egelston, Los Angeles
Four Seasons Austin
Mark and Janelle Friedman, Santa Monica
Browne Goodwin, Chicago
Hammerhead Collection, New York
Jennifer Hart, Austin
Brent Hasty and Stephen Mills, Austin
Jerry and Shelley Hershey, Lancaster
Kiyo Higashi, Los Angeles
James and Ellen Isenson, Beverly Hills
Lucinda Jenney, Los Angeles
Peter Kinsley and Mary Leer, Lancaster
Keith and Evangelina Kreeger, Austin
Jim Krell, New York and Italy
Margo Leavin, Los Angeles
Jeffrey and Amanda Lippa, Los Angeles
Eugenio Lopez, Los Angeles and Mexico City
Garrett Loube, San Francisco
Robert and Kimberly McEntegart, Los Angeles
H. Merrill, San Francisco
Walter Mitchell, Los Angeles
D.W.and Kristal Moffett, Los Angeles
Bernd Muller, Germany
Michael O’Keefe, Los Angeles
Tom Peters, Los Angeles
Allan Power, Los Angeles
Stephen Prina, Los Angeles
The Progressive Corporation, Ohio
Rigney-Friedman,Ltd., Los Angeles
Paul Rinn and Stuart Bone, Austin
Ritz Carlton Waikiki
Michael Rypka, Austin
Anton Schick, Germany
Campbell Scott, New York
Bruce and Tracy Singer, Santa Monica
Roberta Smith, Pacific Palisades
Richard Stone, Chicago
Benmont Tench, Los Angeles
Sarah Wainwright, Boston
Chase Winton and Mark Campbell, Los Angeles
Mike and Penny Winton, Minneapolis
Yale University
Zen Center of Los Angeles