Small works : : Materials and processes that come from working on larger paintings. Rooted in the play of chance and intention. Started 2020.

Sold works are removed from website – or marked with [*] after title.

Night Mountain
Pair Two
May Time
Imaginary Blue
April then August [*]
Slow Turn
Pink Eclipse
Around Solstice
Gather Twilight
Early Winter Pond
Sudden December
Red Sky
Close Up
Another Day [*]
Fall Shadow
Small December Field
December Sky
Winter Solstice
January Air
Evening Dust [*]
First Night
Then Afternoon
Winter Field
Brighter Night
Leap Day
Pink Sun
Arranged by Morning
Time Change
Might Rain
April Meadow Air
Tuesday Leaves
Early Summers
Is Now
Round Pond
Daytime Constellation
Cloud July