Small works : : Made from materials and processes that surround working on larger paintings. Started 2020.

Sold works are removed from website – or marked with [*] after title.

Sunset Sound
Pair [*]
Night Mountain
Night Wave
Red Green
January then April
Blue April [*]
Pair Two
May Time
Imaginary Blue
Pair Three [*]
Slipstream [*]
April then August
August Years [*]
No Mirage
Silver Slide [*]
Slow Turn
Edge [*]
Lower Falls
Winter Sun
Winter Night
Green Above
Blue Below
Pink Eclipse
Field Dream
Memorial Day
Arranged by Morning
Evening Crown
Around Solstice
Gather Twilight
August to July [*]
August Edge [*]
August Return
Just Late Summer
Up North
Early Winter Pond
Sudden December
Night Field
January Sounding
Slow Echo [*]