These are found flower or landscape painting that are re-covered with aluminum leaf. They reflect on what is overlooked, and on legibility and memory. Series started in 2009.

Sold works are removed from website – or marked with [*] after title.

Bouquet (M L Wood, n.d.)
Mountain (unsigned, n.d.)
Mountain, Silver Flowers, Bouquet
Blue Cliff (unsigned, n.d.) [*]
Silver Flowers (unsigned, n.d.)
Meadow (unsigned, n.d.)
Mountain Lake (unsigned, n.d.)
Seascape (unsigned, n.d.) [*]
White Lake (Chas. R. Handford, n.d.)
Pink Flowers (Hallie C. Rippoteau, n.d.) [*]
Silver Trees (unsigned, n.d.) [*]
Silver Trees (reverse) [*]
Silver Landscape (unsigned, n.d.) [*]
Silver Sunflowers (unsigned, 1968) [*]
Large Flowers (Doris Duchamps, n.d.) [*]
Flowers and Landscapes